Annual Reports

You can access our 2012 Annual Report here.

To all the generous supporters of our Foundation:

2012 was a  year of transition and change for ICOF; we dug deep, worked hard and made some tough decisions that we believe put the Foundation on a more sustainable and solid path.

Despite the financial success of  2011 Oyster Festival and Friends for Haiti, we decided to drop Oyster Festival from our roster of fundraisers.  Simply put, Oyster Festival was the victim of its own success and we could no longer manage such a large scale event and balance all the needs of the Foundation.  It was tough to say goodbye to Oyster Festival as it has been an integral part of our identity and the cornerstone to our financial success.

In September of 2012, we reprised our Friends for Haiti fundraiser and  had the pleasure of honoring Dr. Valentin Abe of Caribbean Harvest.  Over 400 guests gathered under a massive tent to support ICOF and enjoy a stellar evening.  We thank the chefs, purveyors, sponsors and donors for  their generosity.  Friends for Haiti 2012 raised $100,000 for Tilapia starter kits for 40 Haitian families living in Lake Azeui.

2012 marked ICOF’s third year of funding the development of a shellfish hatchery in Zanzibar through Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and we are pleased with the progress of this challenging endeavor.   A hatchery has been successfully built and shellfish have been spawned.  We look forward to a continued relationship with the hatchery development project as it moves into the next phase in 2013.

Education is a vital part of our mission at ICOF.  In 2012 we piloted an afterschool “Aquaculture Club” at Duxbury Middle School in collaboration with Ms. Lucy Allen and Ms. Kimberly Roell of the Duxbury Middle School Science Department.  20 students meet weekly in an informal setting to learn about the power of aquaculture, the impact aquaculture has globally, and the economic realities of life in Haiti and Zanzibar. Most importantly, students in the Aquaculture Club have fun and take great pride in their learning and their philanthropic efforts to raise money towards the purchase of a Tilapia Cage for a Haitian family.

Behind the scenes, we expanded our Board of Directors, developed our website, put an Annual Fund drive in motion, and have spent time making new friends for the Foundation.  We have planned an exciting and diverse slate of events and fundraisers in 2013; keep an eye on our Facebook page, website and newsletter for the event calendar.

Each year we learn more about our mission and how best to serve our cause. The future is bright for the Foundation because of your generous support, for which we are eternally grateful.

We believe in aquaculture!

Skip Bennett
Owner, Island Creek Oysters

You can access our 2012 Annual Report here.

You can access our 2011 annual report here.